Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Haul/ Review

A few weeks ago i went to ulta and I picked up three things. I got the Whipped Silk body moisturizer from St. Ives, a Telescopic mascara and the Felt tip liner from Loreal

Review time:

St Ives Whipped Silk Body Moisturizer

This thing is amazing it makes my skin so baby butt soft. When i first put this on after my shower it was almost slimy but once it set into my skin it was literally baby soft!!! It also smells amazing i kept on sniffing myself i could still smell it on the next day. I would say go and get this it was like $5 the bottle is huge. Try it out you will not regret it. The only bad thing about this is it was really hard for me to track down i went everywhere to find it and when i gave up i found it at ulta so YEA.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara

This mascara has a small applicator compared to my Cover girl lashblast Remember i said my lashes were falling out well i didn't get that with this mascara so i might stick to this one for a while. It really lengthened my lashes and i like that. The only bad thing is that it does not volumize my lashes at all. I don't know I'm not really a mascara person but this ones pretty good in my opinion.

Loreal Felt tip liner

I did not open this yet i will update this when i try it out.


  1. i have the loreal liner and its amazing... go and try it out :) its very easy to apply

  2. the st ives lotion name sounded yummy for a second there.