Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eyeliner tips from pencil to cream to liquid!

I have to be honest i sucked at using pencil eye liner i would always draw it too thick. sad right the easiest one to use and i sucked with it. my hand are extremely shaking and only practice can change that. These tips work for me so i hope there at least one that will benefit u guys.

Cream liner ( my # 1 love)
1. I personally use a small angle brush to line me eyes. with a small brush you get better control.
2. Start out with a little of the cream liner on your brush you can always go back for more.
3. This might sound funny but i get up close and personal with my mirror i use a full length
mirror. i walk up to the mirror, tilt my chin up, then i look down with my eyes. This opens up
your eye lids and you won't have to tug on it
4. Start out thin line and make it thicker as you go
5. Always remember to close the jar or you liner will dry out
6. If your cream liner tends to smudge go over it with a eyeshadow

Pencil liner
1. Make sure the tip is sharpened or at least semi pointy
2. I like to have the pencil parallel to my face when i line my eyes using the " getting personal
with my mirror move"
3. Be gentle if your too hard on the pencil your line will end up really thick

Liquid liner (the only method that works for me is fooling myself into thinking it's a pencil)
2. Use short gentle strokes
3. Be patient this will take time if u don't want to mess up.
4. If you want a wing halfway on your eyelid you should start to draw out how you want your wing to look step back open your eyes. if you like it keep it and fill in the of the liner. if you don't
like it try again.
5. try not to open your eyes right after your done line them in case their still wet. If it's wet it'll
get all over the place

Fixing a mistake
If you make a mistake (ex: it's too think it's smudged, it got all over the place, or you just don't like it) if you don't have eyeshadow on you cal always use a Q tip some Vaseline and clean it up. If you do have eyeshadow on your your brush and place some of you eyeshadow into the part where you messed up on, this should cover or at least make the mistake less noticeable, then you can go in a fix it without taking it all off.

Recap on what works for me
1. Get up close and personal with the mirror
2. Tilt the chin up
3. Look down with you eyes
4. Hold the pencil, brush, or the applicator parallel to the face
5. Start out thin Then get thicker towards the outer edge
6. This is just me personally i hold everything like a pen it's just easier to me

For this look i have on a primer, brown eyeshadow, a little mascara, and the main attraction LIQUID EYELINER. With a line like this you should have a small wing. (My face is still not clearing up i swear my zits have been there for weeks i blame it on stress)

How i wash my brushes

What do u do when u have dirty brushes?
answer: wash them
(like my hello kitty tattoo i got it at mac)

As crazy as it sounds i use the shampoo and conditioner i use on my own hair it says anti breakage so why not use it. My brushes end up so soft it's not even funny

1. swirl your brush in a container with warm water mixed with shampoo.

2. swirl your brush in a container with warm water mixed with conditioner.

3. Let the brushes sit in a compartment with clean water.
(ewww look at that nasty water)

4. rinse the brushes out until they feel clean

results: clean brush!
(this picture was taken a few weeks ago. i'm hella mad i don't know how it happened but i'm missing some brushes i don't want to buy more because i know it'll pop up once i get a new one grrrrr)

Friday, February 13, 2009

My tips to you when it comes to eyeshadows

1. ALWAYS USE A PRIMER (i have the oiliest eyelids ever i need to base) i recommend the
urban decay primer potion, 2 face shadow insurance, and any of the mac paintpots

2. When using loose pigments always wet your brush before and tap off the excess ( it won't be
as messy, if your a contact wearer it's safer, and prevents it from getting into your eyes if it
gets in it will hurt trust me it has happened to me)

3. This is my trick for putting on e/s i put a darker shade into my crease 1st then i put on a
lighter shade onto my eyelid. this way i know how dark my shadow will get

4. always blend out harsh lines

5. after your done step back and make sure your eyes are even (when your farther away from
the mirror you'll be able to see how everything looks better)

Stay tune for eyeliner tips


I went to mac with my friend today to check out the hello kitty collection but nothing caught my eyes. while my friend was getting her foundation match i was looking around and this really nice lady asked me if i needed help and i said i want a concealer for my blemishes and she tried out the new studio sculpt concealer on me. i am a NC 20 and if i got the studio sculpt foundation it would be a NC 25.

After that i went to Sephoria with my friend. I've been eying the Nars blush/ bronzer duo and i got it on orgasm and laguna MY 1ST BLUSH AND BRONZER I'm pretty excited to use it tomorrow when i go see my cutie pie!!!

i'll keep u guys updated on the new stuff i got and if YOur interested in anything leave me a comment and I'll get back to you