Thursday, August 2, 2012

Liquid eyeliner comparison (MAC, Lancome, Illamasqua, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Blinc, and more.

For the past 2 years I've been on a quest to find the perfect liquid eyeliner. One that is dark, pigmented, has no glitter, smudgeproof and most importantly WATERPROOF. I probably tried over 15 different eyeliner. Sonce I love and repurchased and some I can't even remember.

Personally I have watery eyes and extremely oily eyelids. Therefore, I am quite picky with my choice in eye makeup because no one wants to look like a raccoon by the end of the day.

These are my personal opinions from my experience and since I tried so much I thought I'd share =]

These are the liners that I currently have on hand.
I will have some swatches and images in the end.

I ran my hand under water and I will have pictures of the comparison in the end of this post.

My personal favorites are at the end ^-~

Enjoy and feel free to comment and request =]

Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liquid eyeliner (Perversion) 

(swatch in the end)



I honestly have nothing good to say about this eyeliner.
Not once have I ever use something that stung my eye so badly. The color itself was not very black and the applicator is horrible. This eyeliner has a narrow brush tip which allows a clean crisp line. The bristles were so sharp that it would jab into my eyelids and I am not a new comer to liquid liner. through out the day the outer corner of my liner will start to crack and fall off. By the middle of the day I would be missing a chunk of liner and I would have to reapply it.

Size and price

0.058oz for $19.00 
(This is what's stated on my liner but the Sephora says other wise. Maybe they changed the packaging or the site is off?)

Sephora size? 

0.25oz for $19.00 
(unless the liner grew by 4x there's no way that amount is correct. 

Rating:  0/5 

Repurchase and Recommendations


I personally would not buy this ever again and I would not recommend this to anyone because I had such a terrible experience with it. 


MAC Fluidline (Blacktrack)


This was the first gel liner that I ever used. I got this 3 years ago and it still works and has not dried out yet which is pretty amazing! The gel is super easy to use the glides on like heaven. A small amount goes a long way and the pigment is amazing. I would go over the line twice because I like my liner dark and defined. I is very long lasting and pretty water proof for the most part. the only issue I have with this is it requires a brush and i am too lazy to wash the brush everyday. If you don't clean the brush right away the gel will turn hard and make it impossible to use the next day. 

Size and Price

0.1oz for $15

the price for the amount of product given is a steal I used it everyday for 1-2 years and i still have 1/3 of the product left

Rating 4/5

Repurchase and Recommendations

I probably would not repurchase because I am too lazy to use a brush when I can use something that already has a built in applicator. 

Try storing the gel pot upside down to prevent it from drying out 
It can also be doubled as an eye shadow base to intensify the pigment of of the shadows

This is definitely something that is good for beginners to learn from and i would recommend this to a friend!


MAC Penultimate Eye Liner 


I honestly do not remember much about this liner but I tried it and I think I like it but it was too expensive for the amount got. This eyeliner was basically a felt tip marker. It is super easy to use and very gentle on the eyes. 

Size and price

0.03oz for $18.50

Rating:  3/5 

Repurchase and Recommendations

Probably not it's not the best but not bad either. This is half the size of the Mac super slick liner but it's the same price. Therefore it's not very friendly to the wallet.

Cap it tightly and store this eyeliner upside down to keep the tip saturated 


Mac Super Slick liquid Eyeliner (On the hunt)

(swatch at the end)


This liner is equipped with a sturdy felt tip which makes it really easy to use. The color is not as pigmented as I would like and the outer corner of my eyeliner would also crack and fall off therefore it's nothing special. I did notice this liner drying running out really fast on me. 

Size and price

0.06oz for $18.50

Rating:  3/5 

Repurchase and Recommendations

I would not repurchase this. It's nothing special and not very dark.


Illamasqua Precision ink (Abyss)

(swatch at the end) 


This liner was practically the exact same thing as the Mac Super slick but it cost $9 more which is outrageous. It was nothing special. 

Size and price

0.06oz for $27.50

Rating:  2/5  

Repurchase and Recommendations

I would not repurchase it. It was expensive and nothing special.


Buxom Lashliner (Leatherette)


This gel liner is am eyelash enhancer but I never saw the results because i gave up on it after a week. This formula had no change against my oily lid and it smudged everywhere. Looking like a raccoon is not cute therefore this is a miss for me. 

Size and price

0.07oz for $16.00

Rating:  2/5  

Repurchase and Recommendations

I would not get this again Mac's Black track works better and it is more work it price wise. 


Blinc Liquid Eyeliner (Black)


I really enjoyed this liner. It was dark, had a glossy finish, and it did not budge at all until i went to remove my makeup.  The formula made my eyelashes stick together and I was not fond of that. Other than that issue I would Definitely call this one my favorite. The price is also a steal for the amount of product provided.  

PS. this one might take a while to try after the application 

Size and price

0.21oz for $24.00

Rating:  4/5  

Repurchase and Recommendations

I probably would repurchase this but for now the hunt shall continue.

If you choose this eyeliner you will probably need something to separate the lashes afterwards 


Lancome Artliner (Noir) 


This eyeliner is hands down one of my favorites but it is impossible for me to use in the summer time because it will crease at the outer corners, This was my go to liner for the entire fall and winter season. the felt tip is like no other, it's soft, flexible, and very easy to draw a defined line. My only issue is that it's not water proof. 
This one dries to a glossy finish and there is no need to go over the line because it is that pigmented. 

Size and price

size unknown for $29.00

I'm not sure how much product is provided but it definitely lasted more than 3 months and I wear it everyday. 

To me this is worth every penny!!!

Rating:  4/5  

If only it was waterproof then it would be amazing

Repurchase and Recommendations

I'm about to purchase my 3rd replacement for this liner but I will wait till the weather gets cooler. 


SmashBox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen (Jet Black) 

(swatches at the end) 



It is truly smudge proof, waterproof, and sweat proof. Once it sets it will not go anywhere at all and it will look the same even after 12 hours of wear. I'm only bitter that it so expensive for the tiny amount of liner that it provides! This marker like eyeliner is amazing! The felt tip is one of the easiest to use and it's super pigmented too. 

I love this but sadly I can't afford to re-buy my eyeliner every month because i went through this so quickly!!!

Size and price

0.02 for $22.00

Rating:  4.5/5  

Runs out too fast =[ 

Repurchase and Recommendations

I will definitely re buy this because it is an amazing product i just need to find the funding for it first. 

Makeup Forever Aqua Liner (Matte Black)

(swatches in the end)


This is the winner to my long hunt!!

The price for the size is decent. The brush is a felt tip and the pigment is amazing. One swipe is all you need. It does not crack, crease, or flake off.  The liner is okay at being waterproof, it's nothing like smashbox but this is an all over win. The formula has never stung my eyes before and I am hopelessly addicted to this eyeliner. 

Size and price

0.058oz for $23.00

Rating:  5/5  

Repurchase and Recommendations

I am currently on my 2nd tube of this eyeliner and I know I will retry buy this in the future. 


My new liner just came in today and I am excited to use it!!

Givenchy Parad'Eyes Fluid Eye Liner

#1 dream in black 


Picture Comparisons 

1. This image was taken right after I applied the swatches onto my hand 

(Note: some of the liners are older than most but they are pretty true to what it was like when I first    
         got them)

Left to Right
Urban Decay, Mac Superslick, Illamasqua, Smashbox, MUF, Blinc, Givenchy

2. This was taken right after I dragged my finger over the lines  

Left to Right
Urban Decay, Mac Superslick, Illamasqua, Smashbox, MUF, Blinc, Givenchy

So far it doesn't looks so good for my new Givenchy liner =[ 
Everything else is standing up to the test 

3. This was after I wet my finger and dragged it across 

Left to Right
Urban Decay, Mac Superslick, Illamasqua, Smashbox, MUF, Blinc, Givenchy

The only two that are really waterpoof was the Smashbox and the Blinc.
Although the Illamasqua and MUF did come off, the dark pigment was still retained 

4. I decided to run my entire hand under water and this was what happened. 

Left to Right
Urban Decay, Mac Superslick, Illamasqua, Smashbox, MUF, Blinc, Givenchy

The only one that stood a chance was the Smashbox!!! 

But seriously who runs their eyes under a stream of water other than the shower!

All in all I love smashbox but the MUF wins in the price/ size field!!

That was a super long post and if you made it to the end THANK YOU 

I hope this helped someone out =] 

OFTD: Dinner With the Family

White cammie: guess
Blue tank top: Nordstroms juniors
Belt: Forever21 (it came with a dress)
Leggings: Aritzia 

Friday, July 9, 2010

makeup orginzation and setup

This is where i store most of my makeup other then some eyeshadows

This left container holds my new unused mascaras,lip glosses, lipsticks, and my everyday use items. On the top i have my mac and urban decay pallets.

In the middle i have all of my perfumes, brushes, and my clinique moisture surge moisturizer.

In the far right container i have my eyeliners, shade stick, blushes, and fake eyelashes.

The rest of my eyeshadows are in these case along with my extra makeup items. I also store my curling irons and flatirons here along with my styling products.

Sorry everyone!!! I haven't posted anything in such a long time because i've been busy with school and i've been sick for the past few weeks. I'll try to have more postings since it is summer and i have more times on my hand. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer filled with fun and sunshine.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

step by step tutorial my everyday look

I'm tired of looking scrubby this quarter i have class at 7 30in the morning so i need to get up really early so i barely do my makeup.

usually i just roll out of bed go to class
come back nap go to class again
homework and
that my day

there are days where i do my makeup and this is usually what i do something that doesn't take too much time but still look good

i can usually do this look within half an hour which is my makeup plus my hair

since i wasn't looking scrubby i decided to be a camera whore and take pictures

this is the final look
it makes me look awake and well put together but it's not too much for class

Time to start: this is how i look like with no makeup on

the first thing i do is put on my moisturizer
Clinuque's moisture surge ( i love this stuff it's my third bottle already)

next i do my eye makeup while the moisturizer is drying
today i decided to use a darker e/s i usually use a skin tone color or i won't use an e/s at all

1. two face shadow insurance
2. mac e/s in smoke and diamonds (a toupe greyish color)
3. styli style e/i in black for the waterline and tightlining (love this stuff too it's the only e/l i use now)
4. revlon colorstay liquid e/l (i'm trying to find a water proof liquid e/l anyone have a suggestions)

5. mac shadestick in shimersand in the inner corner of my eye
6. lancome cils design mascara

after i'm done with my eye makeup my moisturizer would of been absorbed so now it's time for the face:
1. mac mineralize skinfinish in medium

2. nars blush in orgasm
3. nars laguna bronzer in laguna to contour my face

after i'm done with my makeup i sometimes do my hair depending on how bad my hair looks
the first think i do is spay on a heat protection

1. chi 44 iron guard thermal protection spray
then i straighten my hair with my sedu flat iron

this is how the it all looks like when i'm done
with natural lighting
meet peckle i sleep with him every night
he's the perfect size for me to cuddle with and fall asleep to

Good night everyone i'm gonna go back to writing my essay now
hope i was able help someone out
thanks you for reading my blog =]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LOTD neutral brown with the urban decay book of shadows2

here's a look i did with the book of shadows 2
this was a while ago i barely wear makeup these days i'm too busy with classes, homework, reading and essays.

Half baked e/s in the lid
twice baked e/s in the crease
YDK between half baked and twice baked
styli- style e/l in black
lancome cils design mascara

Nars orgasm blush
Nars laguna bronzer

And here's the final and completed look

Be on the look out i'm going to have a review for the conair infinity blow dryer soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

review and swatches: urban decap book of shadows 2

Today i'm going to do a review on the urban decay book of eyeshadow 2
16 eyeshadows
2 24/7 liners
a mini primar potion

first of all i think this is $50 well spent i love urban decay e/s their so pigmented and easy to use no fuss at all

1. a good deal 19 items for $48 = to 2.50 an item
2. the different combination's possible
3.fairly neutral colors with a few brighter colors
4. colors are true to the pan

1. some of the eyeshadows have big chunky glitter in them and it falls allover my face

swatches (with flash)
these are all one switch without a base
without flash

all in all i think this was a good but and i don't think i will ever need anymore brown e/s but who can say no to such a deal

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leopard Prints

( the view outside my dorm room)

School started and i have not time for anything anymore.
I'm sorry for neglecting u guys

I recreated Michelle Phan's sexy leopard print eyes this adds a pop of color to a plain black sweater or shirt

Items used:
Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen in blackest blackest black
Urban Decay e/s in honey
Rimmel London Sexy Curve mascara
Mac fix+ so wet my angle brush

For Halloween i was Princess Peach

If you're interested i can recreat this look and all of the eyeshadows used were from the Urban decay book of shadows 2 ( i will do a review and swatch when i go home to pick up the cord to my camera)

The halloween pictured were taken from my bf's i love the intensitry my sony cybershot has is crap compared to it

Have a nice day i'm going to go study for my midterm now