Friday, October 2, 2009

everyday brown eyes

Here's the look i did for today i had time before a class and i felt like playing with makeup it's nothing too special just a everyday neutral brown look
1. apply a base
2. place a tan e/s on the inner corner of the lid
3. apply a dark brown e/s into the outer crease
4. place a brown e/s into the crease
5. blend everything out
6. line your eyes
7. apply mascara

what i used:
1. two face shadow insurance
2. mac bare study paint pot
3. estee lauder tan e/s
4. estee lauder dark brown eyeshadow
5. dior brown eyeshadow
6. mac black track fluidline
7. rimel london secy curves maascara

Sorry for the lack of posting i just school and i had so much to do when classes started i have a lot to read and tons of homework

now it's time for me to go to sleep because it's 2 in the morning good night everyone and thank you for stopping by my blog

my simple method to bigger browner eyes

this is what i i do when i feel like making my eyes stand out more without doing too much work

it' really easy to do and it will literally take 5-10 mins max

the key to this look is to try to round out the eyes for the illusion of bigger eyes sometime black might be too harsh and at times i feel like it makes my eyes smaller so i use purple when i want bigger eyes (purple naturally enhances the color of brown eyes so it's like killing 2 birds with one stone)

1. use a purple eyeliner to line your eyes
follow the shape of your natural eye shape and remember to thicken the outer half of the liner
connect the top and bottom of the liner at the corner of the eye

2. get a matching purple eyeshadow to smudge out the line
this will create a more natural look and this will also set the liner we just applied

3. mascara time
this is the important part because mascara can open up our eyes and make it seem bigger then what it really is
first apply a lengthening mascara to your lashes
optional u can use a volumizing mascara on top of that
avoid spider lashes that is unattractive and nobody wants that

all done
see 3 -4 steps to bigger and browner eyes

don't be intimidated to wear color it really does add a pop to the eyes experiment when u have time don't waste all of the colorful makeup u have sitting around

What i used:
1: urban decay: 24/7 liner in lust (not my favorite it does smudge on me and it's supposed to be water proof and sweat proof IT LIED TO ME haha)
2. urban decay e/s in ransom
3. rimmel london: sexy curves (i love this mascara hands down it separates my lashes and volumizes it at the same time)
4. doir: Diorshow iconic mascara (this is also another love it's water proof and one coat does the job it's just too expensive)

(i have no idea y my hair is so brown now it used to be black i'm probably getting to much sun)