Sunday, November 15, 2009

review and swatches: urban decap book of shadows 2

Today i'm going to do a review on the urban decay book of eyeshadow 2
16 eyeshadows
2 24/7 liners
a mini primar potion

first of all i think this is $50 well spent i love urban decay e/s their so pigmented and easy to use no fuss at all

1. a good deal 19 items for $48 = to 2.50 an item
2. the different combination's possible
3.fairly neutral colors with a few brighter colors
4. colors are true to the pan

1. some of the eyeshadows have big chunky glitter in them and it falls allover my face

swatches (with flash)
these are all one switch without a base
without flash

all in all i think this was a good but and i don't think i will ever need anymore brown e/s but who can say no to such a deal

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leopard Prints

( the view outside my dorm room)

School started and i have not time for anything anymore.
I'm sorry for neglecting u guys

I recreated Michelle Phan's sexy leopard print eyes this adds a pop of color to a plain black sweater or shirt

Items used:
Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen in blackest blackest black
Urban Decay e/s in honey
Rimmel London Sexy Curve mascara
Mac fix+ so wet my angle brush

For Halloween i was Princess Peach

If you're interested i can recreat this look and all of the eyeshadows used were from the Urban decay book of shadows 2 ( i will do a review and swatch when i go home to pick up the cord to my camera)

The halloween pictured were taken from my bf's i love the intensitry my sony cybershot has is crap compared to it

Have a nice day i'm going to go study for my midterm now

Friday, October 2, 2009

everyday brown eyes

Here's the look i did for today i had time before a class and i felt like playing with makeup it's nothing too special just a everyday neutral brown look
1. apply a base
2. place a tan e/s on the inner corner of the lid
3. apply a dark brown e/s into the outer crease
4. place a brown e/s into the crease
5. blend everything out
6. line your eyes
7. apply mascara

what i used:
1. two face shadow insurance
2. mac bare study paint pot
3. estee lauder tan e/s
4. estee lauder dark brown eyeshadow
5. dior brown eyeshadow
6. mac black track fluidline
7. rimel london secy curves maascara

Sorry for the lack of posting i just school and i had so much to do when classes started i have a lot to read and tons of homework

now it's time for me to go to sleep because it's 2 in the morning good night everyone and thank you for stopping by my blog

my simple method to bigger browner eyes

this is what i i do when i feel like making my eyes stand out more without doing too much work

it' really easy to do and it will literally take 5-10 mins max

the key to this look is to try to round out the eyes for the illusion of bigger eyes sometime black might be too harsh and at times i feel like it makes my eyes smaller so i use purple when i want bigger eyes (purple naturally enhances the color of brown eyes so it's like killing 2 birds with one stone)

1. use a purple eyeliner to line your eyes
follow the shape of your natural eye shape and remember to thicken the outer half of the liner
connect the top and bottom of the liner at the corner of the eye

2. get a matching purple eyeshadow to smudge out the line
this will create a more natural look and this will also set the liner we just applied

3. mascara time
this is the important part because mascara can open up our eyes and make it seem bigger then what it really is
first apply a lengthening mascara to your lashes
optional u can use a volumizing mascara on top of that
avoid spider lashes that is unattractive and nobody wants that

all done
see 3 -4 steps to bigger and browner eyes

don't be intimidated to wear color it really does add a pop to the eyes experiment when u have time don't waste all of the colorful makeup u have sitting around

What i used:
1: urban decay: 24/7 liner in lust (not my favorite it does smudge on me and it's supposed to be water proof and sweat proof IT LIED TO ME haha)
2. urban decay e/s in ransom
3. rimmel london: sexy curves (i love this mascara hands down it separates my lashes and volumizes it at the same time)
4. doir: Diorshow iconic mascara (this is also another love it's water proof and one coat does the job it's just too expensive)

(i have no idea y my hair is so brown now it used to be black i'm probably getting to much sun)

Monday, August 31, 2009

how to fade acne scars (it works)

this was how my skin looked like 2 months ago u can see that i have a lot of scars from my pimples and their pretty red
i think this was me a few weeks ago with my bb cream on as a concealer u can see it's somewhat lighter but that's because it was covered up
and this was yesterday right out of the shower
I washed my face with purpose cleanser along with the best bath store acne bar and that was about it
(the dark spot under my nose is so much lighter now and my chin also looks a lot better)
the frontal view of my face

side view
well now you must be wondering "how did do that"
1st of all it takes time it's been about 2 months and my skin is slowly healing
2nd find a method that works for u
3rd try to stick to your routine as much as u can

the products that worked for me are
the body shop seaweed pore cleansing exfoliator, clinique post blemish solution, and skin food gingko bb cream.
heres how i use these products
1. in the shower i wash my face with purpose cleanser along with the best body shop acne cleansing bar
2. then i exfoliate my chin and acne scars everyday but only those spots it's not good to exfoliate your face everyday it's too harsh
3. right before bed i dab on the post blemish solution into the spot and rub it in
4. the nest morning before i head out i dab on the post blemish soultion in my spots again
5. after that i use a concealer brush and dab on the bb cream like a concealer
6. lastly i set it with a powder
all done the spots might not be completely covered but i'm ok wiht that i try to let it breath as much as i can

this is what works for me and i hope it'll work for u too i know the clinique blemish solution is pricey $13.50 for either 0.74 oz or 0.5 oz but hey it really does work i see results i tried the body shops tea tree oil thing and it didn't work it was like $20 something for 2 oz and it didn't do shit a total waste of money

hope this helps i'm gonna go to bed now and talk to my boyfriend

Good night

Sunday, August 30, 2009


My haul from the past few weeks
(i know i know my bed sheets are not very girly)

1. clinique #2 toner
(on my lazy days i just take my makeup off wipe my face with a towel and rub this toner on my face and i don't get pimples the next day)
2. clinique take the day off cleansing balm
(trying it out for the 1st time if u used it before tell me about it?)
3. clinique moisture surge
(i love this moisturizer i use it everyday before i out on my makeup it keeps my face soft this is my 3rd jar i went for the 2.7 ounce it's my HG moisturizer i usually use something and leave it for another but i've been completely loyal to this product)
4. clinique post blemish solution
(this little tube is so worth the money it really is fading my scars i will do a post right after this one about my acne scars this is my 3rd one and i will keep buying it as long as i have scars)

1. Mac smoke & diamond e/s
(it can't out before and i missed it i wanted it for the longest time and now i have it mac is not my favorite brand for e/s but i'm obsessed with smoky toupy colors i just can't help myself)
2. Nars Laguna bronzer
(this is my back up i have the one where it's the laguna and orgasm compact it's my HG bronzer i tried others before but they all made me look orange and this one didn't)
3. Philosophy hope in a jar SPF20
(i never used this before so let me know what u ladies think about it)

1. cetaphil cleaner
(i have given up on brand name cleansers it doesn't do anything for me so far i'm loving my purpose cleanser it's so cheep too i will use this after i finish up my purpose)
2. evian refreshing spray
(this stuff is awesome on a hot day it feel like water on your face but it doesn't melt it off )
3. rimel london stay matte foundation in 200
(my mac color is nc 25 and this matches me face completely i use this as a concealer and it's the only foundation i own i had mac ones but i returned them because they break me out this one doesn't but i haven't put it on my entire face so i don't know)
4. skin food ginko in shade 2
(this color looks a little pink when i look at it but it works for my face and once again i use it as a concealer on my scars)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dior vs. NYX

In my previous post i said that one of my Nyx trios was the exact same color as my dior tropical light pallet so here's the comparison

Dior Tropical light
this pallet is my favorite it's one of the few eye shadows that i have a dent in
Nyx trio ice mocha, slate, and frosted flake
(these names make me hungry for some reason)
i was playing with my eye shadows and swatching them and i realized that these 3 eyeshadows look the same as my favorite eyeshadow combo
Question: can you tell who's who?
they look the same right?
left: nyx ice mocha, slate, and fristed flake
right: dior tropical light pallet

the only reason i am able to tell them apart is because dior eyeshadows have this sheen to it without that i would of been fooled

the sheen i'm talking about
it's an exact dup right?

1. they look the same
2. highly pigmented
3. easy to blend

1. price dior is expensive
2. nyx does not have that pretty sheen

basically these two products look the same the dior one comes with a punch of shimmer and sheen the nyx is more affordable whereas dior is a luxury item

personally i like the dior one more because i hate matte eyeshadows i own 2 matte eyeshadows and i never use them i like my shadows shimmery and i love the sheen

Hope this was helpful

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my eyeshadow collection / opinions

This is my eyeshadow collection to some it might be a lot and to others it might not be
lets just say i went crazy for a while and bought a lot of eye shadows and now i'm trying to finish up everything
I will also talk a little about the eye shadows i own and what i feel about them

Estee lauder
all of the eyeshadows i own from them are the gift with purchase ones i don't see the point in buying their eyeshadows when i can get them for free because my mom uses their skincare line these eyeshadows are amazing their pigmented, smooth, the blend well, they hold true to the color on the pan.
Estee lauder is the higher line for the company that owns mac stila and estee lauder
these are so worth it the next time u see a deal for gift with purchases from estee lauder go for it it's worth the money for the stuff u get just the eyeshadow pallets are already worth the money ur spending to get the gift with purchase

this is my go to neutral eyeshadow pallet and the best thing is that it was a gift with purchase therefore i didn't pay for it
the eyeshadow right in the middle is my favorite eyeshadow it's the only one with a dent in it out of all the eyeshadows i own

top 4 eyeshadows on the left hand corner smoky pink
( the smoky pink retails for like $40 or $50 in a quad)
bottom roll berry ice, pink ice and cinnamon
top right going down:chocolate and tea biscuit

I haven't use this yet i'm not really a fan on matte eyeshadows but maybe i'll grow into it one day
adn it's kind of a back up in case i run out of that one color i love so much in the smoky pink

names on order of the shadow:
mulberry smoky pink center lavender
sugar cube smoky pink center berry ice

i think this pallet is so versatile because there are neutrals, then some darker colors and also highlighter

left to right
tea biscuit, plum pop, rose confetti( this is my highlight when i feel like using one it's more like a really light pale pink i think white is just too harsh for a highlight at least for me) pale moon, black moon ( this one can be a dup for Mac night divine also one of my other favorite colors) amethyst (a dark purple with a blue undertone) and sugar cube

clinique was my 1st eyeshadow brand
their no brainer u have a lid color and a crease color perfect for people who are starting out with makeup or want something easy to toss in your purse
their pigmented, smooth, but can be kind of messy because it sheds little when you try to pick up color from the pan
best of all is that it comes with an applicator that's pretty decent for touch ups of doing your makeup as a whole
all of cliniques eyeshadow come with a mirror both on the outside and inside talk about convince

This is my 1st eyeshadow i know i know blue for a first eyeshadow but what can i say i like blues
i barely use it now

something blue

this one is the perfect neutral eye makeup it's perfect in one kit easy to use and these a applicator one side is the sponge tip and the other side is a soft crease like brush (not depicted)
buttered bronze

I don't know what i was thinking when i bought this i don't even use it i think i was suckered in by the name
key lime pie

this one is also from a gift with purchase and it's basically the same quality as the ones being sold

stila is a love and hate with me i love their eyeshadows becasue their good quality and will last forever but i hate that i have to buy the container separately for the price i pay for the case ic an get a full eyeshadow somewhere else that pisses me off
quality of the eyeshadows are speech less non chalky pigmented and their color range to me is unique because i find so much pastel and girly colors from them

there's no name it's just a blue trio it makes an amazing smoky blue eye the packaging is cute but it's too bulky

bottom four
chime, evergreen
poppy, ebony
the one on top: key (when i saw this color i knew i had to have it it was so unique and pretty)

bare minerals
these were from my friend for my birthday she loves everything bare minerals i personally think it's too much work because their powder eyeshadows and that means their messy, u need to wet them for them to stay put, and just the fact that i wear contacts and i don't want it to fall into my eyes. i don't use these much i probably used them twice each and i had them for half a year already

celery and surprise

yes finally Mac i know some ladies out there really love mac but i'm just not one of them
their pretty good quality for the price don't get me wrong there are some mac eyeshadows that i love but they just don't make me go crazy
it also turns me off that they produce so much fall out all over my cheek

evening aura
knight divine (i love this dark charcoal grey color it's my go to color when i want to do a darker look it matches everything)

the mineralize duo the concept was awesome i loved the way it looked so i got 2 both are in the matialic family and purple family
these produce alot od fall outs i wore it one day and it was all over my cheek even with a primer
their highly pigmented i'll give u that

odd couple and polar opposites

mac eyeshadows depotted
1st column orb and soft brown matte (i hate these 2 colors i got these the 1st time i went to mac and the mua recommended these 2 colors for me and lets say i do not like them at all)
dream maker (this is a shimmery gold color it looks nice but it falls all over my cheeks)
I'm just not a fan of mac eyeshadows that's just me i don't want anyone to be offended or anything

Urban decay
urban decay is amazing when it comes to pallets when you do the math it's practically cheaper then mac but more then some drug store brands the quality is way better then drug store
highly pigmented, stays put, does not fall all over my cheeks, has unlimited numbers of looks

Delux shadow box $38+tax=around $40/9 that's like $4 it's crazy it';s cheep it's amazing save up for it it'll be worth your money in the long run

Nyx in my opinion is the best drug store eyeshadow out there their everything u'd want
their amazing dups for other higher end cosmetics

in the 2nd column coming in from the right side those 3 colors are the exact same dupe for dior eyeshadows if u had it in a dior packaging i would not be able to tell the difference i'll do a separate post on it after this

Baby blue, golden poppy
lime green, charcoal

frosted flake, slate, and iced mocha
barely there, champagne, root beer

Dior is my absolute love it's hands down the best eyeshadow out there in my opinion
it;s creamy goes on flawlessly blends like a dream
after using this quad nothing compare to it not even close
i got mine when sephoria was during their friends and family 25% off
original price: $58
discounted price: $44
price per eyeshadow: 8.80
Now thats a steal
wait fro deals and save up their worth and it'll save u money in the long run

tropical light

I only buy eyeshadow pallets now because their cheaper then buying single eyeshadow it's not like i'm going to finish anything soon so y not save myself come money

favorite to least favorite would be

Estee Lauder
Urban Decay

I know these are the higher end eyeshadows but when you get a good deal go for them because they are better quality i just feel safer using something with more of a guarantee becasue this stuff is going on my face expensive items are expensive for a reason their tested more becasue they have a name to live up to and they just cant risk damaging their name so they probably use better quality materials to produce their products