Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dior vs. NYX

In my previous post i said that one of my Nyx trios was the exact same color as my dior tropical light pallet so here's the comparison

Dior Tropical light
this pallet is my favorite it's one of the few eye shadows that i have a dent in
Nyx trio ice mocha, slate, and frosted flake
(these names make me hungry for some reason)
i was playing with my eye shadows and swatching them and i realized that these 3 eyeshadows look the same as my favorite eyeshadow combo
Question: can you tell who's who?
they look the same right?
left: nyx ice mocha, slate, and fristed flake
right: dior tropical light pallet

the only reason i am able to tell them apart is because dior eyeshadows have this sheen to it without that i would of been fooled

the sheen i'm talking about
it's an exact dup right?

1. they look the same
2. highly pigmented
3. easy to blend

1. price dior is expensive
2. nyx does not have that pretty sheen

basically these two products look the same the dior one comes with a punch of shimmer and sheen the nyx is more affordable whereas dior is a luxury item

personally i like the dior one more because i hate matte eyeshadows i own 2 matte eyeshadows and i never use them i like my shadows shimmery and i love the sheen

Hope this was helpful