Friday, March 27, 2009

Konad Nails

I got this about a year or two ago when i went to Vegas. i got suckered in and i bought it it's quick and easy but I'm just plain lazy but i must say this stuff is expensive. everything was $10 and that adds up really fast.

My 4 plates
and a few of my konad polishes

The basics

1. pick a design and put a coat on Konad polish over it.

2. Use the scraper and scrape off the excess polish

3. use the stamp and push down on the design

4. Pick a spot then roll the stamp over it ( for some of you that don't read chinese this character means love )

5. this is something a little more advanced you can place two colors on the same design

and this is the result

another example (it should say love but the "v" got messed up)

All Done ( my pretty cup)

My phone the LG Dare it sucks well mine does probably cause i dropped it so much. it does not know how to keep my call logs and it always hangs up on my when I'm talking to my boyfriend at night it only hates on him and i don't get some of my missed calls. The cameras amazing and music player are amazing other then that i have nothing else to say for this phone. It's stupid and PMS's on me.

I got kind of lazy and tried to get my nails done as fast as i could so enjoy. I know there are tutorials everywhere on konad nail art but hers my little inspiration.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Haul/ Review

A few weeks ago i went to ulta and I picked up three things. I got the Whipped Silk body moisturizer from St. Ives, a Telescopic mascara and the Felt tip liner from Loreal

Review time:

St Ives Whipped Silk Body Moisturizer

This thing is amazing it makes my skin so baby butt soft. When i first put this on after my shower it was almost slimy but once it set into my skin it was literally baby soft!!! It also smells amazing i kept on sniffing myself i could still smell it on the next day. I would say go and get this it was like $5 the bottle is huge. Try it out you will not regret it. The only bad thing about this is it was really hard for me to track down i went everywhere to find it and when i gave up i found it at ulta so YEA.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara

This mascara has a small applicator compared to my Cover girl lashblast Remember i said my lashes were falling out well i didn't get that with this mascara so i might stick to this one for a while. It really lengthened my lashes and i like that. The only bad thing is that it does not volumize my lashes at all. I don't know I'm not really a mascara person but this ones pretty good in my opinion.

Loreal Felt tip liner

I did not open this yet i will update this when i try it out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yum Yum!

MAN AM I ON A ROLE OR NOT i did 4 post now 5 =]
LOL it's like 11:30 pm and i'm still up updating my blog and i'm getting kind of hungry so here's a funny picture of my favorite Asian dessert.

Black sticky rice with ice cream yum yum my love

This was what happened when i was done eatting it. I swear i did not do this on purpose it just ended up this way i think it's cuter like this but i'm sad now i want more

Depotting Mac eyeshadows

Once again I used the method from enkore go check out his youtube account he's awesome! This is my step by step tutorial along with some of my little tips.

Tools needed:
1. Metal cutter
2. Rubbing Alcohol
3. tissues or something to use for clean up
4. Something with a pointer tip
5. eyeshadow to depot
6. somewhere to put you depotted eye shadows
7. magnets
8. flat iron

1. pick an eyeshadow that you want to depot
2. If you look closely you will see a small slit where the pan and the container connects you get our nail file and stick it into that slit and start wiggling until it pops out of the pan.

you will end up with something like this
3. you then make 2 cuts with the metal cutter parallel to the part that jets out
4. stick your nail file into the slit and wiggle it around for some room then start seeping the alcohol in so that it can get to the bottom of the pan ( enkore tells us to bend the cut portion back but that is just too hard for a girl like me no upper body muscle what so ever and yea my nail file broke cause of the alcohol)

5. once the glue gets melted you will be able to pop the pan out ( in my opinion i think mac eyeshadow are easier to pop out the nxy because mac eyeshadow pans are stronger)

ok so theres this program called "back to mac" where you can bring 6 used up mac items to get a new lipstick but for eyeshadow u need to have the metal pan inside the container. what i did is i took an empty nyx pana dn stuck it into the contailer smart right it's a perfect fit)
6. Now it's time to remove that sticker at this step u need to heat up your flat iron

7. gently bounch your eyeshadow pan into yor flat iron the pan does not have to be hot as long as it's warm you will be able to pull off the sticker
Cartion: becauseful not to burn yourself
8. not you take ur sticker place a piece of magnet against the back of you eyeshadow pana nd stick it down and you're done
All done! left is mac right is Nxy

Caution: be careful of burning yourself and anything that can go wrong always protect yourself first and have fun =]

Depotting NYX eyeshadows

Last night i was bored and i was like you not deport my eye shadows and that was exactly what i did. I used the method from enkore go check out his youtube account he's awesome! This is my step by step tutorial along with some of my little tips

Tools needed:
1. Metal cutter
2. Rubbing Alcohol
3. tissues or something to use for clean up
4. Something with a pointer tip
5. eyeshadow to depot
6. somewhere to put you depotted eye shadows
7. magnets / labels

1. grab the nxy trio that you want to depot

2. get something with a pointer tip and wiggle it around the slit that sits next to where the applicator sits. wiggle parallel to the applicator until the eyeshadow holder pops out.
you will end up with something like this

3. use your metal cutter and make 2 cuts on the corner of the eyeshadow holder (enkore tells us to bend the corner back but i found out it's not as easy as he makes it and u will get plastic everywhere so i didn't bend it i just wiggle around with the metal cutter to get a small slit to work with.)

4. Dip your pointer object (i used a nail file) into your rubbing alcohol and slowly slip it into the little slit ( as your doing this try moving the eyeshadow holder around because this will help the alcohol move around.)
5. i don't know why i didn't take a picture of this step well basically after you put in the alcohol you try to dig your nail file under the pan and slowly pull it out.

6. Well you should end up with a single eyeshadow like this
7. now turn your eyeshadow around and used the alcohol to wipe off the rest of the glue and label your eyeshadow and your done.

Results hehe my first eyeshadow pallet the left side is mac (i will do a step by step tutorial for this after) and the right side if nxy (if you can notice the eyeshadow on the lower right hand corner look really funky well that's because i dropped it and it cracked so i will also be doing a step by step tutorial on how to fix a cracked eyeshadow.)

Please do this with caution i got cut by the flying plastic when i was depotting the second pallet
Warning: you will get flying plastic so protect your eye and hands before you start this project!!! (don't be like me =p)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

my trick to enhancing brown eyes

I'm a chinese girl with brown almond shaped eyes in my opinion i think purple really brings out the brownness in brown eyes. So here's a simple look i created sorry for the lack of picture i'm really breaking out so i don't want to take pictures of my face so bear with me please. this picture does not do the look any justice under the sunlight my eyes looked so pretty i have never seen my eyes so brown before. You only need for items to create this looks less is sometimes more and the products i used can be duped and changed.

1. Urban Decay Lust e/s on the upper lashline
2. Mac bei ging shadestick on the lower lashline as a base
3. Stila Key e/s on top of the shadestick (key is a really pretty frost/shimmery lilac purple i love this eyeshadow)
4. Covergirl Lashblast mascara on both top and bottom lashes. (putting mascara on the lower leashes really open up your eyes)

In my opinion brown eyes are enhanced the most with purples, silvers, blues, and greens.

Hope you guys enjoy i promise i'll do more looks and reviews soon

Friday, March 13, 2009

comparison between eyeliners (MAC, UD, Clinique, andt styli style)

Here is a comparison between the four eyeliners that i carry around with me. their fast easy and no fuss. these are my most used liners other then my black tract and i love them

This picture was taken at 10 in the morning i had nothing to do in class so i decided to do an experiment
Left to right
(urban decay lust, styli style black/brown, clinique 01 new black, mac penultimate eyeliner)

This was taken at 6pm with alot of rubbing and we can clearly see that all of them are smudging a little except for the styli style (I have to say i rubbed pretty hard and their still pretty in tact)

and Lastly this was taken after i ran my hand under water and i rubbed it a little (i must say i still love them regardless)

1. urban decay lust
( at macys the dude put that liner on my hand rubbed it out and spray water on my hand and rubbed hella hard but nothing can off so i don't know whats with my liner i have to say i'm not in love with it because it's really creamy the tip constantly has to be sharpened for me to draw a thin line)

2. style style black/brown
( this liner is AWSOME it's cheep it's strong it barely needs sharpening and for some reason i have really good control with this liner i would pick this over urban decay anyday save yourself some money it's worth it you can find this awsome liner at most riteaids)

3. Clinique 01 new black
( this was my 1st eyeliner ever and I've been using it ever since it i sometimes use it for tightlining because its a twist up liner but i must say it does not stay on my waterline at all so i probably won't get it again)

4. Mac penultimate liner in rapidblack
(like i said before this is the only liquid eyeliner i can use when i want a more dramatic look i will use this liner it's not water proof at all but i love it it's amazing but i'm trying to look for a replacement it's too expensive for something that's only good for 3-6 months)