Saturday, March 21, 2009

Depotting Mac eyeshadows

Once again I used the method from enkore go check out his youtube account he's awesome! This is my step by step tutorial along with some of my little tips.

Tools needed:
1. Metal cutter
2. Rubbing Alcohol
3. tissues or something to use for clean up
4. Something with a pointer tip
5. eyeshadow to depot
6. somewhere to put you depotted eye shadows
7. magnets
8. flat iron

1. pick an eyeshadow that you want to depot
2. If you look closely you will see a small slit where the pan and the container connects you get our nail file and stick it into that slit and start wiggling until it pops out of the pan.

you will end up with something like this
3. you then make 2 cuts with the metal cutter parallel to the part that jets out
4. stick your nail file into the slit and wiggle it around for some room then start seeping the alcohol in so that it can get to the bottom of the pan ( enkore tells us to bend the cut portion back but that is just too hard for a girl like me no upper body muscle what so ever and yea my nail file broke cause of the alcohol)

5. once the glue gets melted you will be able to pop the pan out ( in my opinion i think mac eyeshadow are easier to pop out the nxy because mac eyeshadow pans are stronger)

ok so theres this program called "back to mac" where you can bring 6 used up mac items to get a new lipstick but for eyeshadow u need to have the metal pan inside the container. what i did is i took an empty nyx pana dn stuck it into the contailer smart right it's a perfect fit)
6. Now it's time to remove that sticker at this step u need to heat up your flat iron

7. gently bounch your eyeshadow pan into yor flat iron the pan does not have to be hot as long as it's warm you will be able to pull off the sticker
Cartion: becauseful not to burn yourself
8. not you take ur sticker place a piece of magnet against the back of you eyeshadow pana nd stick it down and you're done
All done! left is mac right is Nxy

Caution: be careful of burning yourself and anything that can go wrong always protect yourself first and have fun =]

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