Saturday, March 21, 2009

Depotting NYX eyeshadows

Last night i was bored and i was like you not deport my eye shadows and that was exactly what i did. I used the method from enkore go check out his youtube account he's awesome! This is my step by step tutorial along with some of my little tips

Tools needed:
1. Metal cutter
2. Rubbing Alcohol
3. tissues or something to use for clean up
4. Something with a pointer tip
5. eyeshadow to depot
6. somewhere to put you depotted eye shadows
7. magnets / labels

1. grab the nxy trio that you want to depot

2. get something with a pointer tip and wiggle it around the slit that sits next to where the applicator sits. wiggle parallel to the applicator until the eyeshadow holder pops out.
you will end up with something like this

3. use your metal cutter and make 2 cuts on the corner of the eyeshadow holder (enkore tells us to bend the corner back but i found out it's not as easy as he makes it and u will get plastic everywhere so i didn't bend it i just wiggle around with the metal cutter to get a small slit to work with.)

4. Dip your pointer object (i used a nail file) into your rubbing alcohol and slowly slip it into the little slit ( as your doing this try moving the eyeshadow holder around because this will help the alcohol move around.)
5. i don't know why i didn't take a picture of this step well basically after you put in the alcohol you try to dig your nail file under the pan and slowly pull it out.

6. Well you should end up with a single eyeshadow like this
7. now turn your eyeshadow around and used the alcohol to wipe off the rest of the glue and label your eyeshadow and your done.

Results hehe my first eyeshadow pallet the left side is mac (i will do a step by step tutorial for this after) and the right side if nxy (if you can notice the eyeshadow on the lower right hand corner look really funky well that's because i dropped it and it cracked so i will also be doing a step by step tutorial on how to fix a cracked eyeshadow.)

Please do this with caution i got cut by the flying plastic when i was depotting the second pallet
Warning: you will get flying plastic so protect your eye and hands before you start this project!!! (don't be like me =p)

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