Friday, March 13, 2009

comparison between eyeliners (MAC, UD, Clinique, andt styli style)

Here is a comparison between the four eyeliners that i carry around with me. their fast easy and no fuss. these are my most used liners other then my black tract and i love them

This picture was taken at 10 in the morning i had nothing to do in class so i decided to do an experiment
Left to right
(urban decay lust, styli style black/brown, clinique 01 new black, mac penultimate eyeliner)

This was taken at 6pm with alot of rubbing and we can clearly see that all of them are smudging a little except for the styli style (I have to say i rubbed pretty hard and their still pretty in tact)

and Lastly this was taken after i ran my hand under water and i rubbed it a little (i must say i still love them regardless)

1. urban decay lust
( at macys the dude put that liner on my hand rubbed it out and spray water on my hand and rubbed hella hard but nothing can off so i don't know whats with my liner i have to say i'm not in love with it because it's really creamy the tip constantly has to be sharpened for me to draw a thin line)

2. style style black/brown
( this liner is AWSOME it's cheep it's strong it barely needs sharpening and for some reason i have really good control with this liner i would pick this over urban decay anyday save yourself some money it's worth it you can find this awsome liner at most riteaids)

3. Clinique 01 new black
( this was my 1st eyeliner ever and I've been using it ever since it i sometimes use it for tightlining because its a twist up liner but i must say it does not stay on my waterline at all so i probably won't get it again)

4. Mac penultimate liner in rapidblack
(like i said before this is the only liquid eyeliner i can use when i want a more dramatic look i will use this liner it's not water proof at all but i love it it's amazing but i'm trying to look for a replacement it's too expensive for something that's only good for 3-6 months)


  1. Nice review!!! Boy am I glad i didn't get the penultimate... I need waterproof stuff because EVERYTHING smudges on me =[. I'm still on the look out for my HG liner!

  2. Thanks for the review :D!
    Yeah, this is why I never buy liquid eye stuff...Expires too fast :(.

  3. I agree with you...I love the Penultimate's the only black liquid liner I can use!

    UD Zero (and other colors!) are also a fave.

    Nice review!

  4. Oh, and you embedded your CBox in your interest section (I think you pasted into the wrong part of the XML if you did it manually).

    Go back to the add a gadget thingee and pick the tool that embeds 3rd party gadgets.

    Good luck!

  5. i've never heard of the style style liner, but it looks like it holds up very well