Friday, March 27, 2009

Konad Nails

I got this about a year or two ago when i went to Vegas. i got suckered in and i bought it it's quick and easy but I'm just plain lazy but i must say this stuff is expensive. everything was $10 and that adds up really fast.

My 4 plates
and a few of my konad polishes

The basics

1. pick a design and put a coat on Konad polish over it.

2. Use the scraper and scrape off the excess polish

3. use the stamp and push down on the design

4. Pick a spot then roll the stamp over it ( for some of you that don't read chinese this character means love )

5. this is something a little more advanced you can place two colors on the same design

and this is the result

another example (it should say love but the "v" got messed up)

All Done ( my pretty cup)

My phone the LG Dare it sucks well mine does probably cause i dropped it so much. it does not know how to keep my call logs and it always hangs up on my when I'm talking to my boyfriend at night it only hates on him and i don't get some of my missed calls. The cameras amazing and music player are amazing other then that i have nothing else to say for this phone. It's stupid and PMS's on me.

I got kind of lazy and tried to get my nails done as fast as i could so enjoy. I know there are tutorials everywhere on konad nail art but hers my little inspiration.


  1. I want a konad too!
    they are very expensive .. and I can not have one now = /
    Your nail is very beautiful, i must adorn my nails for my boyfriend too HAHA

  2. really pretty!! never heard of them before :S probably because i live in europe

  3. nice, but KONAD is really expensive over here >.<

  4. i thought i saw the konad pieces at an etude house. it was packaged inside some etude house bags but it said konad on the actual pieces lol. they were 3000won each..i'm surprised at the price differences.
    when you use the scraper, do you scrap the polish on a special surface? does the stamper work with other polishes as well or just the konad ones?