Friday, February 13, 2009

My tips to you when it comes to eyeshadows

1. ALWAYS USE A PRIMER (i have the oiliest eyelids ever i need to base) i recommend the
urban decay primer potion, 2 face shadow insurance, and any of the mac paintpots

2. When using loose pigments always wet your brush before and tap off the excess ( it won't be
as messy, if your a contact wearer it's safer, and prevents it from getting into your eyes if it
gets in it will hurt trust me it has happened to me)

3. This is my trick for putting on e/s i put a darker shade into my crease 1st then i put on a
lighter shade onto my eyelid. this way i know how dark my shadow will get

4. always blend out harsh lines

5. after your done step back and make sure your eyes are even (when your farther away from
the mirror you'll be able to see how everything looks better)

Stay tune for eyeliner tips


  1. yes to #1! hahaha i used to have creasing and fading all the time. the UDPP helps, but in the humid months and my long days out, i still get a wee bit of creasing. thanks for the tips!

  2. I have gotten eyeshadow on my lenses before :( it sucks! nice tips

  3. Great tips! #2 has definitely happened to me too :(

  4. Good tips :) I wish I can use them but I'm not much of a eye shadow girl. I feel like I look weird with it lol