Friday, April 17, 2009

What i usually use for my face

I used to have really good skin with few breakouts here and there but stress killed my face and left scars behind but here what i do to deal with it. The scars on my forehead are starting to go away but the one on the left side of my nose and the ones on my lower right shin are still there. When i feel like it i will conceal them but when i don't feel like it i just do the minimum.

(Products used when i want to conceal my scars)
1. Clinique moisturizer
2. Make up forever green concealer on blemishes and the 4th concealer over the green (i have a review on this product so u can look it for it if your interested)
3. Mac MSF in light meduim only on areas that i have concealer on yes i know i should do my whole face but i really don't want to
4. Nars Blush in orgasm on my cheeks and Laguna bronzer as contour (i'm starting to love this product i use it every day)
5. Mac fix plus ( i spray it where u out products on such as my chin, between my eyes where my redness are and my cheeks)
6. i think i'm just wearing black eyeliner here not sure which one though

On days where i wake up not caring about my face i use this routine it's nothing special it's just what i do

(products i use when i don't feel like hiding my scars)
1. Clinique moisturizer (this does the trick for me it makes my face smooth throughout the day and glowy)
2. Nars Orgasm blush and laguna bronzer (i love this stuff i use this almost everyday and if it went missing i would probably go crazy)
3. and what ever eye makeup i feel like using that day


  1. i've wanted to try NARS blushes, but they're so pigmented i'm afraid i'll over do it everytime XD

  2. thanks. I love sharing beauty tips. I will try it out. Can you do a review on it!@?

  3. hi I see you use MAC MSF in light medium, I think same skintone as me.
    Is the NARS laguna very pigmented for you??

  4. I bought the blemish formula. Hopefully it works!