Thursday, June 18, 2009

posh brushes compaired to mac brushes

I got these Posh brushes a while back at bed bath and beyond i was so excited when i saw them.
I bought the travel set and the kabuki brush
they were pretty cheap i think they were each less then $20

I really like the quality of these brushes the quality of the handles were horrible though
for the duo brushes the tops popped off and super glued them back on and now they look really ugly but hey the quality of the brushes are amazing
it even comes with a little zip up pouch so u can bring them everywhere

i love this kabuki brush i was eying the mac one but it was way to expensive so when i found this one i was like i have to have this
this brush is so soft and dense I LOVE IT
i use it with my mac mineral skin finish and it's looks like i have nothing on my face at all

when i washed these brushes there was minimal shedding and it didn't turn my sink black
over all i love the quality and they are comparable to mac brushes so give them a try

Comparison time

(side view)

left: mac 129 SE powder/blush brush (from the holiday collection)
right: Posh powder brush

as i can see from the top view the mac brush is a lot bigger and it has more bristles
against my face the posh brush is actually softer by a little
i use these brushed for blush because i use my kabuki for powder

(top view)

left: mac 190 foundation brush
right: posh foundation brush

Personally i haven't used either brush because i don't use liquid foundation because i'm crazy and i don't like the thick feeling on my face and if i do use tinted moisturizer (once in a blue moon) i need fix + or i'll be paranoid for the rest of the day.

from what i can see the Posh brush is wider but the mac is more dense
the posh one is really flimsy whereas the mac one is more sturdy
their both the same when it comes to being soft

left: mac 239 shader brush
right: posh touch up brush

Their both eyeshadow brushes
i use the mac one everytime i use eyeshadow i love this brush and i would go nuts without it
size wise their exactly the same
the mac brush is more dense so it might pack on more color
the posh brush has less bristle but it's just as good as an eyeshadow brush
their both just as soft
i love both

if u want to spurge go for the mac it will last you forever i had it for about a year and it still looks brand new the logo and # came off though

left: mac 194 SE concealer brush
right: posh conceal brush

these 2 brushes look completely different
the mac one is longer and rounded
the posh one is pointed at the tip and a lot shorter
they both work just as well by using a patting motion
their both just as soft

(left to right)

1. mac 263 small angle brush
2. mac 266 SE small angle blush
3. posh eye liner brush

mac 263
this is one of my first mac brushes and i still use it for my blacktrack this brush is the smallest out of the 3 it's really good for eyelining the only downside is that if the brush is not wet enough it will poke u and hurt not alot but it's just unpleasant

mac 266
this is from the limited edition set and it's the thickest of the 3 it is impossible to line your eyes with this brush i use it to fill in my brows with a brow powder

posh eye liner
this brush is the softest out of the 3 and it's wider then the 263
this brush will not poke u no matter how little prouduct u have on it

left: mac 219 SE pencil brush
right: posh smoky brush

the mac brush hurts it pokes my eyelid i barely use this i only use it when i want to do some detailing for my outer V
the posh smoky brush us huge it's double the size of the mac one it's sofy but it can be a little scratchy

so there's my review and comparison for these posh brushes
for the price they are worth your money

the SE after a few of the mac brushes means that their from a holiday set
so they are not hand made

i do own full size hand made mac brushes and those brushes are amazing their soft and last forever but their more on the expensive side in my opinion the only mac brush u should save up for a and get are their blending brushes those things are amazing i have 2 different one and i can't find a duplicate anywhere

the 224 is great as a blending brush i use it to contour my nose everyday and it delivers the perfect amount of bronzer to make my nose look higher
the 217 i think is my favorite eyeshadow brush it creates dimension to my eyes and when i feel like using more then 1 eyeshadow color i always reach for this brush

if u ladies have any questions about anything leave a comment and ask away


  1. The brushes you bought look great! I have the Mac 266 for doing liquid eyeliner and I hate it. Need a new slimmer one!xx

  2. wow you have so many brushes, i really wanna get some more but i can't get myself to splurge on mac.

  3. hey these brushes look awesome! Im deffo gunna check out the site however I doubt they ship 2 the U.K ;-( xoxo

  4. great review. Thanks for the comparisons.