Friday, April 17, 2009

Recent Hauls

Here are a few items that i recently purchased sorry for the lact of posting i've been having a crazy week with my boyfriend i hope everything goes well and nothing will harm him.

Sonia Kashuk retractable brush i think this was $20 i don't remember
I washed it already and it still stinks and black dye was coming out of it
other then the scent this brush is pretty good it's really soft and it's not too big so it's easy to carry around

the brush closed compared to my MSF

If you live in the US you can order Missha products from here

I ordered 2 Missha Perfect cover bb cream ($29.99) one for me and one for my friend
and the
Missha The Style lip & mouth makeup remover ($5.99)
(i really like this remover i haven't tried it with mascara yet but it take off my eye makeup in a snap of a finger it does not leave a oily residue at all the only thing it sucks is that theres really little product (3.38) i want to save it. thats how much i like this remover this beat Clinique take the day off hands down)

Lucido Curling spray i think this was wither $7 or $8 i can't remember (sorry my friends say i have the attention span of a fish) i have yet to try this out but i'm really excited to cause so many bloggers rave about it

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