Friday, July 9, 2010

makeup orginzation and setup

This is where i store most of my makeup other then some eyeshadows

This left container holds my new unused mascaras,lip glosses, lipsticks, and my everyday use items. On the top i have my mac and urban decay pallets.

In the middle i have all of my perfumes, brushes, and my clinique moisture surge moisturizer.

In the far right container i have my eyeliners, shade stick, blushes, and fake eyelashes.

The rest of my eyeshadows are in these case along with my extra makeup items. I also store my curling irons and flatirons here along with my styling products.

Sorry everyone!!! I haven't posted anything in such a long time because i've been busy with school and i've been sick for the past few weeks. I'll try to have more postings since it is summer and i have more times on my hand. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer filled with fun and sunshine.


  1. Escada! I loooove that perfume :P

  2. i love it too but i have a new addiction now have you tried D&G #3 the pink bottled one? it smells amazing