Monday, August 31, 2009

how to fade acne scars (it works)

this was how my skin looked like 2 months ago u can see that i have a lot of scars from my pimples and their pretty red
i think this was me a few weeks ago with my bb cream on as a concealer u can see it's somewhat lighter but that's because it was covered up
and this was yesterday right out of the shower
I washed my face with purpose cleanser along with the best bath store acne bar and that was about it
(the dark spot under my nose is so much lighter now and my chin also looks a lot better)
the frontal view of my face

side view
well now you must be wondering "how did do that"
1st of all it takes time it's been about 2 months and my skin is slowly healing
2nd find a method that works for u
3rd try to stick to your routine as much as u can

the products that worked for me are
the body shop seaweed pore cleansing exfoliator, clinique post blemish solution, and skin food gingko bb cream.
heres how i use these products
1. in the shower i wash my face with purpose cleanser along with the best body shop acne cleansing bar
2. then i exfoliate my chin and acne scars everyday but only those spots it's not good to exfoliate your face everyday it's too harsh
3. right before bed i dab on the post blemish solution into the spot and rub it in
4. the nest morning before i head out i dab on the post blemish soultion in my spots again
5. after that i use a concealer brush and dab on the bb cream like a concealer
6. lastly i set it with a powder
all done the spots might not be completely covered but i'm ok wiht that i try to let it breath as much as i can

this is what works for me and i hope it'll work for u too i know the clinique blemish solution is pricey $13.50 for either 0.74 oz or 0.5 oz but hey it really does work i see results i tried the body shops tea tree oil thing and it didn't work it was like $20 something for 2 oz and it didn't do shit a total waste of money

hope this helps i'm gonna go to bed now and talk to my boyfriend

Good night


  1. oooh i think i'll try that clinique product. thanks for the post :)

  2. glad your skin is doing better.

  3. yup girl! actually I feel that ever since I started using BB Cream my acne scars have been less noticeable...hmmmm...

  4. Thanks for the tip!! I love any CLinique products and I swore by them! :D

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