Sunday, June 28, 2009

my eyeshadow collection / opinions

This is my eyeshadow collection to some it might be a lot and to others it might not be
lets just say i went crazy for a while and bought a lot of eye shadows and now i'm trying to finish up everything
I will also talk a little about the eye shadows i own and what i feel about them

Estee lauder
all of the eyeshadows i own from them are the gift with purchase ones i don't see the point in buying their eyeshadows when i can get them for free because my mom uses their skincare line these eyeshadows are amazing their pigmented, smooth, the blend well, they hold true to the color on the pan.
Estee lauder is the higher line for the company that owns mac stila and estee lauder
these are so worth it the next time u see a deal for gift with purchases from estee lauder go for it it's worth the money for the stuff u get just the eyeshadow pallets are already worth the money ur spending to get the gift with purchase

this is my go to neutral eyeshadow pallet and the best thing is that it was a gift with purchase therefore i didn't pay for it
the eyeshadow right in the middle is my favorite eyeshadow it's the only one with a dent in it out of all the eyeshadows i own

top 4 eyeshadows on the left hand corner smoky pink
( the smoky pink retails for like $40 or $50 in a quad)
bottom roll berry ice, pink ice and cinnamon
top right going down:chocolate and tea biscuit

I haven't use this yet i'm not really a fan on matte eyeshadows but maybe i'll grow into it one day
adn it's kind of a back up in case i run out of that one color i love so much in the smoky pink

names on order of the shadow:
mulberry smoky pink center lavender
sugar cube smoky pink center berry ice

i think this pallet is so versatile because there are neutrals, then some darker colors and also highlighter

left to right
tea biscuit, plum pop, rose confetti( this is my highlight when i feel like using one it's more like a really light pale pink i think white is just too harsh for a highlight at least for me) pale moon, black moon ( this one can be a dup for Mac night divine also one of my other favorite colors) amethyst (a dark purple with a blue undertone) and sugar cube

clinique was my 1st eyeshadow brand
their no brainer u have a lid color and a crease color perfect for people who are starting out with makeup or want something easy to toss in your purse
their pigmented, smooth, but can be kind of messy because it sheds little when you try to pick up color from the pan
best of all is that it comes with an applicator that's pretty decent for touch ups of doing your makeup as a whole
all of cliniques eyeshadow come with a mirror both on the outside and inside talk about convince

This is my 1st eyeshadow i know i know blue for a first eyeshadow but what can i say i like blues
i barely use it now

something blue

this one is the perfect neutral eye makeup it's perfect in one kit easy to use and these a applicator one side is the sponge tip and the other side is a soft crease like brush (not depicted)
buttered bronze

I don't know what i was thinking when i bought this i don't even use it i think i was suckered in by the name
key lime pie

this one is also from a gift with purchase and it's basically the same quality as the ones being sold

stila is a love and hate with me i love their eyeshadows becasue their good quality and will last forever but i hate that i have to buy the container separately for the price i pay for the case ic an get a full eyeshadow somewhere else that pisses me off
quality of the eyeshadows are speech less non chalky pigmented and their color range to me is unique because i find so much pastel and girly colors from them

there's no name it's just a blue trio it makes an amazing smoky blue eye the packaging is cute but it's too bulky

bottom four
chime, evergreen
poppy, ebony
the one on top: key (when i saw this color i knew i had to have it it was so unique and pretty)

bare minerals
these were from my friend for my birthday she loves everything bare minerals i personally think it's too much work because their powder eyeshadows and that means their messy, u need to wet them for them to stay put, and just the fact that i wear contacts and i don't want it to fall into my eyes. i don't use these much i probably used them twice each and i had them for half a year already

celery and surprise

yes finally Mac i know some ladies out there really love mac but i'm just not one of them
their pretty good quality for the price don't get me wrong there are some mac eyeshadows that i love but they just don't make me go crazy
it also turns me off that they produce so much fall out all over my cheek

evening aura
knight divine (i love this dark charcoal grey color it's my go to color when i want to do a darker look it matches everything)

the mineralize duo the concept was awesome i loved the way it looked so i got 2 both are in the matialic family and purple family
these produce alot od fall outs i wore it one day and it was all over my cheek even with a primer
their highly pigmented i'll give u that

odd couple and polar opposites

mac eyeshadows depotted
1st column orb and soft brown matte (i hate these 2 colors i got these the 1st time i went to mac and the mua recommended these 2 colors for me and lets say i do not like them at all)
dream maker (this is a shimmery gold color it looks nice but it falls all over my cheeks)
I'm just not a fan of mac eyeshadows that's just me i don't want anyone to be offended or anything

Urban decay
urban decay is amazing when it comes to pallets when you do the math it's practically cheaper then mac but more then some drug store brands the quality is way better then drug store
highly pigmented, stays put, does not fall all over my cheeks, has unlimited numbers of looks

Delux shadow box $38+tax=around $40/9 that's like $4 it's crazy it';s cheep it's amazing save up for it it'll be worth your money in the long run

Nyx in my opinion is the best drug store eyeshadow out there their everything u'd want
their amazing dups for other higher end cosmetics

in the 2nd column coming in from the right side those 3 colors are the exact same dupe for dior eyeshadows if u had it in a dior packaging i would not be able to tell the difference i'll do a separate post on it after this

Baby blue, golden poppy
lime green, charcoal

frosted flake, slate, and iced mocha
barely there, champagne, root beer

Dior is my absolute love it's hands down the best eyeshadow out there in my opinion
it;s creamy goes on flawlessly blends like a dream
after using this quad nothing compare to it not even close
i got mine when sephoria was during their friends and family 25% off
original price: $58
discounted price: $44
price per eyeshadow: 8.80
Now thats a steal
wait fro deals and save up their worth and it'll save u money in the long run

tropical light

I only buy eyeshadow pallets now because their cheaper then buying single eyeshadow it's not like i'm going to finish anything soon so y not save myself come money

favorite to least favorite would be

Estee Lauder
Urban Decay

I know these are the higher end eyeshadows but when you get a good deal go for them because they are better quality i just feel safer using something with more of a guarantee becasue this stuff is going on my face expensive items are expensive for a reason their tested more becasue they have a name to live up to and they just cant risk damaging their name so they probably use better quality materials to produce their products


  1. Nice lot :D! So jealous of some, especially Something Blue :-P...

  2. nice post! The estee shadows look sooo nice! I have a lot of lancome GWP sets - I do NOT recommend, their pigments are so so, some are good some are not so good. I have to agree with you on NYX, its really awesome for the price. Can't wait for the Dior vs NYX post!