Sunday, January 25, 2009

Makeup remover reviews

Here is my opinion on a few makeup removers

Left to right: Mandom cleansing express, Shiseido instant eye & lip makeup remover, and Clinique take the day off

Mandom cleansing express in sebum

It says "ready for bed as soon as possible!"
300 lm
11.99 (the price i got it for)
can be purchased at Japanese or Korean markets


1. Cheep 300 ml for $12
2. not oily at all
3. great for taking off face makeup


1. Does not take off my liner on the lower lashline
2. STINGS omg ppl say that this doesn't sting but this one time i was in a hurry for bed and
accidentally got it in my eye it stung so badly i wanted to cry but couldn't
3. has a weird pump that gets the product all over the place

How i use it

When i use face makeup i pump this into a cotton pad and i wipe down my face with it
For eyes i use 1 pump and wipe my eye lids and try to get off as much products as possible then i follow up with a Q tip diped in the Clinique remover


A clean face thats ready for bed

Final thoughts

This cleanser is worth a try it's cheep and it works maybe not as well on me as it does on others but it save me money from buying more of my other cleanser

Shiseido the skincare instant eye and lip makeup remover

made in USA
125 ml or 4.2 oz
Shake well before use


1. It will last you a long time
2. not as oily as other cleanser
3. works extremely well
4. Gentle and fast
5. doesn't sting at all
6. the way the container is designed makes sure that your product is clean it has a squeeze out tip (think MACs select cover up concealer)


1. it's hella expensive

How i use it

I just squeele it into a cotton pad and tipe off my eye makeup


Slightly oily lids thats bearable
You can see that your clean in the morning there not residue no black stuff on the inner corners of your eye due to left over eyeliner

Final thoughs

I think i'm goign to go buy another one i'm running out. well actually i've been running out i'm trying to save it until i really need it. I'm not going to go out and buy this unless Shiseido is having a gift with purchase it's too expensive.
This was my first makeup remover that my mom bought me and i LOVE it it's just to expensive.

Clinique take the say off makeup remover for lids, lashes, & lips

125 ml or 4.2 oz
allergy tested
fragrance free
ophthalmologist tested


1. gets the job done
that's the only pro i see


2. will look disgusting after a while

How i use it

like what I said before i use it with a Q tip after using mandom this remover gets the job done but by itself it is way to oily it makes my eye lids feel disgusting.

Final thoughts

Personally i don't think this is worth the money but if u really want to try it out wait till clinique is giving them out as a gift with purchase.

Those are my opinions on a few of the removers i have used and i hope it was helpful to u beautiful ladies out there. If you have any questions comment and i'll get back to you.


  1. I'd love to get the Shiseido remover, but i agree too expensive.
    i've started using the mandom one a month ago, it worked fine in the beginning but now i see traces of makeup wheni wake up in the morning @__@
    and yesterday i noticed some stinging too, never happened before, it just slowly crept up on me as i was sitting around lol.

  2. Hi!
    I also couldn't make up my mind, whether I should get the SHISEIDO eye makeup remover or not, since it's in deed pricey.

    But since I'm using the SHISEIDO Lasting Lift Mascara every day, I think, I'm finally going to get it, because this mascara is hard to remove.


  3. Ooh, i really like this review! I wanted to get the Mandom makeup remover as well but I would have to purchase it thru ebay. Instead, I just use regular drug store wipes and it does it's job :)